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Day 1. What is America 2029?

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The next 30 posts will reveal the America 2029 “30-day elevator pitch,” a concise, step-by-step explanation of America 2029 and how you can get involved.

America 2029

People everywhere are waiting for America and the world to be fixed.  Some are waiting for politicians.  Others are waiting for the educational system.  Still others are waiting for the economy to recover cyclically, as it always has before.

Those who are more realistic recognize that the world has forever changed.  They are looking to innovative individuals, companies, and organizations to create the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Those with the most vision, however, are creating that infrastructure.

The America 2029 Consortium brings together those visionaries to create a common vision and accelerate the transition into the future.

The name America 2029 derives from several key events that are predicted for around the year 2029:

  1. Neil Howe and the late William Strauss predict that the current crisis that we are now in will end around 2029, and lead to a new golden age.
  2. Ray Kurzweil predicts that a breakthrough in artificial intelligence will occur in 2029.
  3. Whether or not you believe that Kurzweil’s prediction will come true, his research shows that human capabilities will be significantly enhanced.  In particular, humans should be able to draw on the Collective Intelligence of the world, past and present.

Those who are shaping this future know that success comes from envisioning the future and then making it happen, one step at a time.

Perhaps you have your own vision of the future.  The America 2029 Consortium would like to hear your vision and make it a part of its vision.  In doing so, the consortium will promote your ideas.

Even if you don’t have your own vision, you can be a part of the America 2029 Program, absorbing the vision of countless others, and then acting to make the unified vision happen.

There have always been leaders and followers, and followers have done all right for themselves.  In these turbulent times, however, genuine success will go to the leaders.  The America 2029 Consortium would like you to join their team of leaders.

Be a part of the solution!


The Purpose of this Document

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America 2029

This document is merely a launching point.

It will provide you with specific actions.  However, of necessity, the details of those actions will have to be specified in a way that is specific to your circumstances.  Mentors and supporting documents will provide instructions for you as an entrepreneur, visionary leader, loyal employee, displaced worker, innovator, financial whiz, technogeek, or however you classify yourself.

Writers have long known: There is no way to write a manual to become a millionaire.  People become millionaires by standing out from the crowd, and no one can tell you how to do that.  They can only give you guidelines.

The America 2029 program faces the same problem—but there is a solution.

America 2029 provides step-by-step instructions for building the meaningful alliances that successful people have used since the beginning of recorded history (and probably before).  No document will give you your next breakthrough innovation.  Nevertheless, America 2029 will tell you specifically how to cultivate innovation and greatness among you and your partners.  As you strive toward greatness, your personal mentor will ensure that you pick yourself up from pitfalls and navigate around obstacles.

Yes, this document is merely a launching point.  Nevertheless, it will see to it that you stay the course, steering you ever closer to your goal.  At the risk of overpromising, we can definitively state that if you follow this document, you are guaranteed success.  This is not an idle marketing slogan.  This is a reflection of the rigorous, step-by-step nature of the America 2029 program.

Building Block #3: The Collective Mind

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America 2029

The world is now severely splintered into binary camps: Republicans and Democrats, the haves and the have-nots (money, education, computer literacy, and more), globalists and nationalists, pro-life and pro-choice, …  The list goes on and on.  The media and hardcore advocates seem to denounce any form of a middle ground.  The chasm between opponents grows even further with the spread of propaganda by extremists.

No human being can accomplish anything if filled with indecision.  As a society, humans are torn by indecision—often called gridlock in political circles.

Behind the scenes, however, open-minded people work fervently to narrow the gaps, in order to bring our collective mind to some resolution.

The problem is that the available tools are primitive.  With traditional web sites, outrageous claims draw large numbers of people, and the voices of reason go unnoticed.

Major breakthroughs will happen in rapid succession when tools allow people to quietly problem-solve together without publicly showing weakness by making apparent concessions.  The key is for individuals to work towards their personal goals without all the labels that the media and extremists insist on applying.  Collectively, all opposing camps will be achieving their most important goals.

America 2029 is developing these advanced tools for building the quiet collective mind.

Imagine a world… where the wealthy and the economically disadvantaged consistently get ahead together, … where those who have not can offer significant value to those who have, … where America triumphs by helping the world, … where abortions are reduced by respecting the rights of women, … where every obstacle turns into a new opportunity!

This is not just a poetic John Lennon-style imagining.  It is the logical consequence of developing the right technologies.  The America 2029 program is not about changing politics.  However, just as Twitter and cell phones have transformed oppressive regimes by getting the word out, America 2029 will create a domino effect that will ultimately make traditional politics obsolete.  Political posturing will disappear just as surely as the telegraph machine—not because of any law or lobbying, but because the incentive for political posturing will be gone.  We are approaching a crossroads in history.