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The Future of Advertising

In Edutainment, Marketing, Technology, Web 3.0 / WebTV on November 16, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Discover and contribute to the future of advertising…

From the America 2029 wiki:

The U.S. economy and the the global economy have been driven by television, radio, and print advertisements for so long that the thought of changing the business model is staggering. Many businesses are scrambling to find out what works, experimenting with a variety of Internet advertising tools, reinventing television advertising, using the latest computer graphics tools, designing elaborate product placement campaigns, and so on. The long-term answer is edutainment: content that is genuinely entertaining and educational at the same time.

An integrated approach to the Internet and television will evolve over the next couple decades. What is currently being called Web 3.0 will evolve to meet this new medium of an edutainment-driven WebTV.

Americans are tired of being lied to in ads. Americans are learning to shop the Internet to find quality and value. Advertising simply doesn’t work anymore, and clever marketing programs aren’t doing much better.

Companies must learn to find ways to entertain their customers while offering genuine educational—and marketing—value.

Americans are growing up. Tech-savvy Millennials are literally growing up—and with them, their needs and wants. At the same time, all Americans are craving more intellectually interactive content, and for now reality programs and occasional docudramas are all we have. These efforts, however, are quickly evolving into the new WebTV.

Advertising and television defined the 20th century. Edutainment and WebTV are defining the 21st century.

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